Mikael Arndt

International Sales Speaker

"Mr. Mikael Arndt is without a doubt one of the most charismatic leaders I have met so far. 

With a never ending desire to help other to perform better, his sales and business knowledge is among the world elite for sure.  It’s a pleasure to call Mr. Mikael both a friend and partner in business. And I can recommend 

Mikael to any forum" 

Multi Entrepreneur Michel Laporte Godorn

My name is Mikael Arndt and I make your company more profitable fast. I have worked internationally for more than 20 years from Moscow to London and Maputo in Mozambique. You can book me to talk about any topic that has to do with sales or how to run a salesforce. My most popular talks today is " The secret of beeing the best in sales" and "Setting goals like the best in sales".

I have had more than a thousand salesreps working for me in three countries. At the most I had almost three hundred at the same time and we were the best for over 15 years in Sweden before I sold the company. I have spoken for salesreps in over 20 countries and written three books and I have 11 audiobooks. They are all about sales, goalsetting and networking.

Today I run a sales platform called Closers Only, where you can get a short sales video every day directly to your inbox, you have access to over 150 sales videos, you can participate in groupcoaching sessions every week and much more. We also have the biggest event for sales people in Sweden called Closers Only with the best speakers in Sweden and Internationally.

My mission in life is to make companies and salesreps understand what happens when you become great at sales in a world where most companies don't do anything at all!

"Mikael opened up a whole new world of business to me. After being a student of his School "Arndts Sales Academy" I now know how to sell and do business with the top companies in the world. 

The training he gave me was outstanding and I have never seen anything like it.

The knowledge he shared will not only impact my life but the people around me as well, he creates a huge ripple effect. 

Knowledge is one thing but combined with the tremendous caring for his students and other people around him feels amazing. So grateful to be a part of his circle, and if you have that chance to, take well care of it because Mikael can make you millions.

He follows a proven system that he has been testing for years in the field of selling and now we can compress his decades of learning in just hours, so I highly recommend attending his seminars or at the very least listen to his audiobooks".

Ted Gunnarsson

"I have been to several of Mikaels lectures and I'm always walking away inspired and with knew knowledge and wisdom. I have also been a member of his sales network Arndt's Weekly with great results. If you want to learn more about sales and increase your profits, Mikael is the guy you should contact immediately."

Seth Engström

The Academy - The sales Platform

Closers Only is the sales platform for everyone that wants to increase their sales!

As a member you get:

✔️ Access to a platform with over 400 videos about sales and personal development

✔️Over 30 hours of recorded sales seminars.

✔️ A Digital Group coaching session with Mikael Arndt every week.

✔️ Tickets to events

✔️ The Academy Sales Conference Marbella

Price: Only 9 997 SEK per year

"Mästaren" - my Audiobook bundle

My audiobook bundle "Mästaren" or "The Master" includes 12 full audiobook episodes about Sales and goalsetting. The books has been the most popular audiobooks about sales for a long time in Sweden and now you can buy them directly and download them to any device.

The Audiobook is in Swedish.

Episode 1. Därför skall du bli en Mästare!

Episode 2. Ge dig själv 20 gånger större chans att lyckas!

Episode 3. Dina viktigaste mål i livet!

Episode 4. Inledningen som gör alla intresserade!

Episode 5. Frågorna som gör dig till en mästare!

Episode 6. Så får du kunderna att förstå vad du säljer!

Episode 7. Bli en mästare på avslut!

Episode 8. Hur du hanterar alla invändningar på ett enkelt sätt!

Episode 9. Analysera dig till att bli en mästare på försäljning!

Episode 10. Bli en mästare på att boka besök!

Episode 11. Så skapar du ett starkt nätverk

Episode 12. Så lyckas du med din merförsäljning!

50% Discount right now!

Instead of paying 1997 SEK for all the audiobooks you only pay 997 SEK!

My podcast - Closers only

I have a podcast absolut sales called Closers Only together with my friend Michel Laporte Godorn. In our podcast we share old stories about sales and how it is running a company and we also share our best tips to succeed in sales. You can find the podcast on Spotify or in your podcast app.

I can help you with...

Digital Sales lectures and workshops

Sales lectures/workshops at your company

private Sales coaching

Private coaching for sales executives

Goal setting Lectures


CREATE successful Sales scripts

Analyze sales calls

Mastermind groups


Networking events

Build your own sales course

these are my top 12 most common industries I work with:

real estate companies

Media Companies


Bank, Finance & INSURANCE companies

Car companies

It companies

recruiting and Staffing companies

Travel comapanies and Hotels

security companies

Startup Companies

Gyms & health clubs

Construction/engineering/VVS/solar panels